Hrishikesh Mafatlal "A good mentor is the best insurance policy":Mr.Hrishikesh Mafatlal is a businessman chairman of Arvind Mafatlal group.
Mr.Mafatlal graduated with an honours degree in commerce from Sydenham college, Mumbai. He also competed an advanced management programme at Harvard business school. He is actively involved in many business associations like Indian institute of management and cotton textiles export promotion council. Mr Mafatlal is an individual who has had the guidance of mentors such as his father and his wife. He managed to pull back a company of his from the state of bankruptcy in no time. Having many problems ranging from his brother's untimely death to the adoption of his three children and the bypass surgery of his wife, Mr Mafatlal takes us through these experiences and shows us how he embraces and faces challenges in life. He also tells us the importance of celebrating other people's joy and helping them face their problems.