Ishaan Ghosh All of 19, Ishaan Ghosh stands out as one of the front ranking Tabla players in the younger generation of India’s Classical Music scene. Since the age of 8, Ishaan has presented traditional Indian music at prestigious venues in Switzerland, France, Spain, UK, and Mexico among other countries. His dynamic Tabla Solos have received wide appreciation from musicians and connoisseurs alike. He was conferred the ‘BABA ALLAUDDIN KHAN YUVA PURASKAR’ by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, India in 2012.

My Tabla Story

Ishaan took us back in time and gave us a glimpse of the tabla and our great musical heritage in general. He then gave us a short demonstration of how the tabla was used and is still used to accompany different forms of music. He went on describing the different views of how the instrument ‘tabla’ came into being. He demonstrated as well as explained the abstract musical language of tabla. He also shared his relationship with the tabla and how it all started. He ended with demonstrating the different styles of playing the tabla.