Pritesh Sodha Originally an MBA in Marketing and now a theatre professional, Pritesh Sodha started his journey into theatre in 1999 with an amateur theatre group (Brahman Sabha Malad Kala Krida )and moved on to working with theatre companies who were active in the experimental theatre circuit. He was doing his MBA at the same time, and immediately after his post-graduation he got an opportunity to work for many world class banks, but his heart was elsewhere. The last 6 years have introduced him to the world of commercial theatre and today he is an actor, director, light designer for successful theatre productions in the city of Mumbai. Pritesh Sodha has won many awards in the field of theatre and Drama and he leads the Workshop on Forum Theatre at the Surat Kahani Festival.
Being a Theatrepreneur
Until the last decade, Sir identified himself as a theatre maker. In 2010 he changed his social media status to a ‘Theatrepreneur’. He shared how he wanted to do something, which was self-sufficient. He started his own company ‘Utopia’ which uses the energy of theatre not only to make productions but also go on to amateur theatre, hold workshops as well as design and conceptualize events. He explained how they un-theatred theatre. He spoke about how he took theatre to people instead of sticking to just auditoriums. He ended by saying that he would like to give back to society because society has given him a lot.