Shronit Ladhani Mr.Shronit Ladhani is the Founder of CareerNinja, a young NASSCOM and Zee backed venture in the Education Technology sector which focusses on improving our education system and creating skilled youth by inspiring, educating and guiding them to achieve their career and life goals. He is also one of the Founding Partners of Tykee Capital Partners, an Angel Investing Fund, which was launched in 2015, when he was 22 thus making him one of India’s Youngest Angel Investors. Mr.Ladhani has a wide range of international experience having led multiple cross cultural teams and having worked in Brazil and the Czech Republic.

Why You Should Not Go to University
Mr.Ladhani shared an incident which set him on the path of self-learning. He questioned why we even go to college in the first place. People take up a career which are very different from what they have learned. We must do whatever it takes to find out what we love to do. Mr.Ladhani shared how he took on the journey of becoming and entrepreneur and how he grew over the years. He spoke about the importance of being able to communicate and building a network of piers, experts and people wo can hire you. Ultimately to get serious work we have got to demonstrate our skills. He emphasised on how we must design our own education with a goal in mind.